Dear Mr. Führer (Das Glaszimmer)

Dear Mr. Führer (Das Glaszimmer)

When their home in Munich is bombed out, ANNA (Lisa Wagner) and her son FELIX (Xari Wimbauer) seek sanctuary in Anna's childhood village in Bavaria. It's quickly clear that Anna and Felix, who are at home among liberal musicians, don't fit in. Her neighbor FEIK (Philipp Hochmair) was Anna's old schoolfriend and is now a loyal Nazi, the local bigwig who keeps the whole village in line. Anna has a tough time fitting in and playing the convinced National Socialist. Felix, though, feels drawn increasingly to his new friends KARRI (Luis Vorbach), MARTHA (Hannah Yoshimi Hagg) und TOFAN (David Benkovitch) and Feik's speeches also impress him. Most of all, as a city boy he wants to fit in - at all cost! And then there is also the perfect playroom in his new home: a magical, sparkling, secret "glass room" in the attic.

 When Feik informs Anna and Alex that her husband and his father BERND (Hans Löw) is dead, they are devastated. While Anna mourns and secretly blames the Nazis for Bernd's death, Felix experiences what it means to be the son of a fallen hero. Suddenly he belongs, suddenly he is somebody in the village!

 One day, playing with his friends in a sawmill, Felix discovers a deserter. They all agree: the man must be reported, otherwise it's their fault Germany still hasn't won the war. What Felix doesn't know, the deserter's his father. Fleeing the villagers, Bernd makes it to Anna. Torn between joy and fear, Anna hides her husband for the time being in the stable and decides not to tell Felix of his father's return.

 But when Bernd insists on revealing himself to Felix the boy is totally overwhelmed from the get go. Right at this very moment the village is celebrating the father's heroic death. The three sit down to talk and Felix realizes that family is more important than any ideology.


In the end it's Felix who saves his father from Feik and the last surge of his SS henchmen.

Director: Christian Lerch
Dop: Tim Kuhn
Screenplay: Christian Lerch, Josef Einwanger
Cast: Xari Wimbauer, Luis Vorbach, Hannah Yoshimi Hagg, David Benkovitch, Lisa Wagner, Philipp Hochmair, Hans Löw, Barbara Romaner
Music: Martin Probst
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English
Production Company: Lieblingsfilm GmbH
Co Production: ZDF, Schwabenlandfilm GmbH
Producer: Robert Marciniak
Co Producer: Frieder Scheiffele, Christian Hünemörder
ARRI Media Services: International Sales