In Love with Lou – A Philosopher’s Life (Lou Andreas-Salomé)

In Love with Lou – A Philosopher’s Life (Lou Andreas-Salomé)
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Drama, History - 2016 - Germany



When legendary writer Lou Andreas-Salomé meets young German philologist Ernst Pfeiffer she begins to write her memoirs with him.

Born 1861 in St. Petersburg she vows to never to fall in love and to pursue intellectual perfection. The philosophers Paul Rée and Friedrich Nietzsche want to marry her, but she manages to keep at least Rée as a friend with whom she lives and studies in Berlin. When Lou meets the young, still unknown writer Rainer Maria Rilke she finally falls in love and breaks his heart. As a student of Sigmund Freud she recognizes the trauma of her youth.

Director: Cordula Kablitz-Post
Dop: Matthias Schellenberg
Screenplay: Cordula Kablitz-Post, Susanne Hertel
Cast: Nicole Heesters, Katharina Lorenz, Liv Lisa Fries, Julius Feldmeier, Merab Ninidze, Alexander Scheer, Katharina Schüttler
Music: Judit Varga
Technical Details: 1: 2,35 / 4K / 113 min. / Color
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English subtitled
Producer: Cordula Kablitz- Post, Helge Sasse, Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Co Producer: Josef Reidinger, Antonio Exacoustos, Sissi Hüetlin
ARRI Media Services: International Sales
Awards: Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney - Audience Award • • Semaine du Cinéma Allemand de Dinard 2017 - Le Bretzel d’Or
Festivals Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney, Shanghai International Film Festival, Festival des deutschen Films Paris, festival des deutschen Films China, German Film Fest Australa, Tbilisi Film Festival, Berlin & Beyond Filmfestival San Francisco, Jewish Film and Cultural Festival of Lisbon, Cleveland Int'l Film Festival