Lockdown (Lockdown - Tödliches Erwachen)

Lockdown (Lockdown - Tödliches Erwachen)
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Conspiracy Thriller

When Liv opens her eyes she finds herself lost in a strange room. Next to her, lying unconscious and heavily wounded her fellow scientist partner Lex. At an attempt to leave the room, her next door neighbor Veith blocks the door. Terrorists just attacked the city via bio-warfare letting loose a deadly virus which is highly contagious. He could safe both of them just in time. Veith tells her that luckily he has always been prepared and had built his apartments into a security-zone for the possibility of such an event. Liv has her doubts about the validity of the story as she keeps hearing noises on the outside… How can everyone be dead? The scientists eventually attempt an escape but are held back by Veith who actually accuses both of being the root of all evil and the cause for this outbreak. Liv is starting to question her own sanity as time progresses. Could Veith be right?

Director: Bogdana Vera Lorenz
Screenplay: Max Permantier und Bogdana Vera Lorenz
Cast: Alice Dwyer, Götz Schulte, Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider
Technical Details: 85 min, Cinemascope / 16:9LB, colour
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English
Production Company: FR ENTERTAINMENT
Co Production: ZDF - Das Kleine Fernsehspiel
Producer: Florian Reimann, Max Permantier
ARRI Media Services: International Sales