Ploey – You Never Fly Alone (Ploey – You Never Fly Alone)

Ploey – You Never Fly Alone (Ploey – You Never Fly Alone)
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Animation (Stereo 3D), Family - 2017 - Iceland, Belgium

From the creators of "Legends of Valhalla -THOR" comes a touching story filled with adventure for the entire family. It tells the story of a young golden plover having trouble learning to fly and fails to migrate with his family to warmer climates. With the help of friends he is able to survive in a world full of natural enemies and is, at the end, celebrated as a hero.

The story was developed by the Icelandic producers, animation studio GunHil and will be co-produced with Cyborn 3D animation studio located in Belgium.

Director: Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson, (co-Directors) Gunnar Karlsson, Ives Agemans
Screenplay: Fridrik Erlingsson
Technical Details: Stereo 3D (and 2D), Dolby Atmos, 2.35:1, 83 min.
Original Language: English
Production Company: GunHil Ltd., Cyborn
Producer: Hilmar Sigurdsson & Ives Agemans
ARRI Media Services: International Sales
Awards: Best Film at Kristiansand Children's Film Festival 2018