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Founded in 2000 as a department of the internationally established ARRI Group, ARRI International Sales specializes in the international distribution of commercial feature films ( e.g. HELP, I SHRUNK MY TEACHER by Sven Unterwaldt, HIGHWAY TO HELLAS by Aron Lehmann) and award-winning independent films ( e.g. ONE BREATH by Christian Zübert, EXIT MARRAKECH by Caroline Link, HOME FROM HOME (Die Andere Heimat) by Edgar Reitz. Recently ARRI International Sales also acquires television series and TV event-movies for international distribution, as the ARRI International Sales team has an extensive network to broadcasters, VOD-platforms and theatrical distributors from all over the world.

Our aim is to team up with producers on film projects that are already in the financing phase, that is on script basis, to not only participate as an international distributor but also offer the possibility of co-producing through ARRI Productions. We are the only company in the world to offer such a unique business model because, alongside our co-production and international distribution activities, we can also bring a broad range of services from inside the ARRI Group (camera, lighting, post-production, such as picture and sound, and VFX).


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