Experiences are especially memorable when they appeal to our senses.
Virtual and augmented reality elicit intense emotions, making the effect they have on us particularly lasting. So it is no wonder that these technologies are being attributed such enormous growth potential.

The media world is in a constant state of flux. Not all the innovations offer a worthwhile added value and end up being successful on the market. But virtual and augmented reality provide a wide range of benefits that are immediately obvious to users, because they experience their interaction with the simulated world as if it were reality. Whether it be films, presentations or stories: content depicted through virtual or augmented reality has a profound impact on us, influencing the human senses and fully immersing us in a new world.

Virtual and augmented reality make it possible to represent physical functions, elaborate processes and complex interrelationships realistically, making them immediately comprehensible to us. And far from being interim technologies anymore, they have become real tools that are changing the way we communicate in a fascinating way.

We at ARRI Media see ourselves as a fully-integrated, holistic partner to industrial, film and advertising clients. True to our motto "Everything from Script to Screen" we put together complete concepts tailored to your needs and provide every service required from one source: from idea development to 3D modeling, from programming and app creation through to film production.

Together with our team, we have put together our own, impressive VR presentation to whet your appetite for virtual reality.

Please arrange an appointment for your VR experience!

With our best regards from Schwabing in Munich,

André Rittner


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