ANON: Escape the Murder 

ANON: Escape the Murder 
Year 2018
Creation K5 Games GmbH, ARRI Media GmbH
ARRI Media Services: Creative Solutions, 360° Virtual Reality Presentation, 3D
Producer Oliver Simon, André Rittner, Oda Schaefer
Game Design: Jan Lachauer, Clarens Grollmann
Art Director: Jan Lachauer
Technical Director: Clarens Grollmann
Code: Ozan Saltuk, Linus Biermann
3D Modelling: Alfred Weinl
Level Design: Michael Tischner
Sound: Moritz Freyer

ANON: Escape the Murder is a room-scale virtual reality stealth adventure based on a world created by
critically acclaimed and award winning director Andrew Niccol (know fo Gattaca, In Time) for his upcoming
film of the same name. Starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, the thriller premiered in the US through
Netflix on May 4th and in the UK via Sky Cinema on May 11th. Wanda will be distributing ANON in China.