Mixing / Re-recording

All the results created in the sound post-production work – often countless audio tracks – come together in the mixing studio. In this final phase of the film sound process, our internationally renowned re-recording mixers, in close collaboration with the director, take the pre-mixed dialogs, sound effects, backgrounds, Foleys and film music, and sculpt them into the ultimate cinematic sound of your project. It is here that the creative and technical responsibility for the entire audio production rests, right up to the final DCP mix and TV or IT master. In addition to the common audio formats for cinema and home entertainment, such as 7.1, 5.1 and stereo, ARRI also offers production in Dolby Atmos with up to 128 channels of output.

Sound Design / Sound Editing

Our sound designers are experts at creating exactly the right soundscape for your project. Our editors take responsibility for the creative processes, and for the communication and organization between the various sound team members involved.

It is our task to ensure that the sound concept underscores the plot and mood envisioned by the filmmakers, so that a coherent and consistent atmosphere can emerge, and nothing is left to chance on your film's audio track, even in its most challenging passages.

Dialog Editing / Production Sound Editing

The originally recorded sound is processed in adherence to the film editorial’s workflows and specifications. This encompasses editing, synching and retouching the original tracks using all the leading-edge sound technology available today. Our top priority when editing dialog is to retain as much of the on-set sound as we can, in order to carry the actors' performances and the director's vision over onto the big screen as authentically as possible.


The Foley artists at work in our ARRI Sound Foley studio can make any sound come to life in your film, without having to revert to canned effects. With our collection of sound properties and materials built up over decades, including striking and rare vintage sounds, we have helped hundreds of movies achieve lifelike reality.

Sound Mastering & Distribution

Our range of services of course also includes audio laybacks, editing and distributing all our own and commissioned sound products. ARRI Sound is conversant with all technical specifications, target formats and deliverables, both in Germany and internationally. This applies to all media in every distribution channel in the entertainment field, be it cinema, TV, Blu-ray, DVD, Web or VOD.

Restoration / Sound Restoration

Being a part of ARRI, we dispose over profound expertise in the history of film and many years of experience in the faithful creative restoration and digitization of historical films for both new releases and archiving. ARRI Sound is able to handle all sound formats, including older media such as optical or magnetic sound recordings.