Animation Day 2016

Animation Day 2016

The Animation Day is being held on 10 March 2016, within the framework of the three-day symposium i4c.

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Animation Day.


Internationally renowned producers, VFX supervisors and digital artists give an inside look at their work.

Marian Mavrovic of INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC will show how complex animations are created. Her company is nominated for the Visual Effects Oscar® for STAR WARS – The Force Awakens, and a second presentation will take a close look at those effects.

VFX Supervisor Sven Martin of Pixomondo will talk about the photorealistic animations used in international cult series such as Game of Thrones, and RISE FX will look into the aspect of visual effects and animation in feature films.

Loyd Price, Head of Animation at Aardman will report on the stop-motion production Shaun the Sheep and Thorsten Wegener of Studio 100 Media will illuminate the journey from established brand to global cinema success, based on the example of Maya the Bee. The Munich film agency lucie-p will then show how animation can be used to great effect in media presentations for fairs, exhibitions and other events.