The Tailor from Ulm (Der Schneider von Ulm)

The Tailor from Ulm (Der Schneider von Ulm)
Drama, History - 1978 - Germany

The authentic story of Albrecht Berblinger, who after a first encounter with a captive balloon,

starts building a flying machine. Tailor by profession and no engineer he never gives up.

No failures and no obstructions can end his dream of flying like a bird.

Director: Edgar Reitz
Dop: Dietrich Lohmann, Martin Schäfer
Screenplay: Edgar Reitz, Petra Kiener
Cast: Tilo Prückner, Vadim Glowna, Marie Colbin, Hannelore Elsner
Music: Nikos Mamangakis
Technical Details: 1,78:1 (anamorph) / Mono Dolby Digital / 108 min.
Original Language: German
Producer: Edgar Reitz, Peter Genée, Veith von Fürstenberg
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