Customer information about coronavirus

Customer information about coronavirus

In view of the current situation, we want to give you a brief insight into the precautions and safety measures we are taking in reaction to the Covid-19 virus. We recognized the problem early and immediately formed an internal crisis-management team to determine and execute preventative measures for the customers and staff of ARRI Group.

Initially, our attention was on taking preventative and protective steps to stop the virus from spreading around our company venues. We quickly defined a guideline that is valid for all of ARRI Group around the world.

We now turn to you with an appeal for your understanding and support in taking measures that serve both your protection and the safeguarding of the ARRI Group range of services.

We will inform and advise our staff and customers immediately about new developments and measures. For example on the following topics:

•    Visits to our company venues
•    The code of conduct at our venues
•    Communication channels
•    Participation in meetings, work processes, inspections/approvals, etc.

We consider it our responsibility to stop the spread of coronavirus within our company to the greatest extent possible, for the protection of our staff and customers. To do so we have taken further measures in addition to observing the self-evident standards of hygiene:

All staff and customers are asked to wash or disinfect their hands when entering our buildings. There are disinfectant dispensers installed at all of our main entrances. We have drawn our employees' attention to the obligatory rules about washing hands, sneezing, etc.. You will find the hygiene advice from the German Federal Office for Health Education here.

Where possible we avoid all physical contact between the divisions, departments and venues. Our staff are requested to conduct all communication, be it within the company or with externals, by telephone, e-mail or video conference. And it is here that we ask for your support.

There are of course processes that require your personal presence – especially at ARRI Media – such as when approving video and audio material. We trust you will understand that we are forced to take some precautions in view of coronavirus:

  • Please reduce your visits to our buildings to the essential minimum, and set an appointment in advance by telephone with your contacts in the company.
  • When grading, mixing and approving, only the actual decision-makers should participate. We can only allow a maximum of two, pre-registered, participants. The fewer the participants, the easier it is to maintain the recommended physical distance between people.
  • Please try to avoid visiting multiple departments within our company, otherwise our strictly policed internal separation and no-contact rule could prove to be futile. Here too we have to insist that you register your visit in advance in order to be admitted to the company premises.
  • For approvals or screenings that more than two people have to attend, we can try to find an alternative outside our buildings. It would be conceivable, for instance, to make a DCP and organize a screening in a public movie theater. Our cloud service ARRI Webgate could also be a screening alternative. Please contact us when the need arises.
  • If possible try not to visit multiple ARRI Group venues. We try to prevent physical contact between people here too, where possible.
  • All visitors have to fill in this questionnaire on their own status in advance, and return it to us by fax or e-mail.
  • We urgently request people who feel they may have symptoms of a coronavirus infection not to visit our premises for 14 days. We understand entirely if you cancel appointments with us for fear of becoming infected. We will do our best to find an alternative option for our work together. Talk to us.
  • We will not allow people who have been in a high-risk area in the last 14 days (as defined by the Robert-Koch-Institut) to enter our premises.
  • For the sake of your health and ours, please forgo normal greeting rituals such as hugs and handshakes, and give us a smile instead. We are not being impolite, just careful.

According to the information available to us, these measures help reduce the risk of becoming infected with the virus, and most of all, slow down the spread of the disease. This is the order of the day right now for the protection of society and all its individuals. We will contact you if further measures become necessary as a result of the situation.

Dear friends of ARRI Media. We are doing our best to find the right balance between what is important, right and necessary on the one hand, and our collaboration on the other. We are a service provider and continue to see ourselves as such, even in this time of crisis. We greatly look forward to continuing working with you and thank you for your support. Let's beat the corona crisis together and stay healthy.

With best regards

Your ARRI Media Team