Global distribution of Oliver Kienle's "Die Vierhändige" ("Four Hands") at the EFM 2018

Global distribution of Oliver Kienle's "Die Vierhändige" ("Four Hands") at the EFM 2018
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ARRI Media's International Sales department looks back on a successful involvement in the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, returning from it with numerous international sales of Four Hands. This German-made thriller by Oliver Kienle, which was shown at the EFM and at the Berlinale as part of the long-list for the LOLA award, has now been successfully licensed to the USA, France, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Poland, Vietnam and China.


Producer Markus Reinecke is very happy about the keen interest in this his first cinema project for Erfttal Film, which he developed and financed himself: "We're ecstatic that Oliver Kienle's FOUR HANDS is now getting the recognition it deserves abroad as well, and that the courage shown by Klaus Dohle's Erfttal Film in making such an extraordinary movie is being rewarded despite the small budget and all the gloomy predictions. I'm really proud that we were able to create a German thriller together with Oliver Kienle that nobody expected, and that will now be keeping people on the edge of their seats in movie theaters all around the globe."


Moritz Hemminger, Director of Sales & Acquisitions in ARRI Media's International Sales department adds: "FOUR HANDS is attracting a lot of attention worldwide. That is a wonderful confirmation that successful and internationally acclaimed genre movies can come out of Germany too." FOUR HANDS is garnering nothing but praise from renowned film critics from "Variety" to "Screen", as well as at prestigious international film festivals. Since its German premiere at the Filmfest München 2017, it has been shown, for instance, at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, the Chicago Film Festival, the French Les Arcs Film Festival and many others. Camino (Warner) brought FOUR HANDS to German movie theaters on 30 November 2017. 



As children, Sophie and Jessica witnessed a brutal crime, causing Jessica, the elder of the two sisters, to promise Sophie: "I will always take care of you!" But in the years that followed, the promise has become an obsession. Jessica suffers from paranoid delusions, seeing threats around every corner. Sophie, on the other hand, wants to finally escape the madness and live free of fear, build a career as a pianist, fall in love. When they find out that the perpetrators from twenty years ago are now back at large, Jessica is determined to find them. But an accident changes everything and transforms Jessica's promise to look after her little sister into an existential nightmare. 


Director Oliver Kienle:

Oliver Kienle started working as an author, illustrator and composer during his youth. After graduating high school, he studied German philology in Würzburg, while interning and freelancing in the film and video production industry. He has been writing and making short films and music videos since 2001. From 2004 to 2010, Oliver Kienle studied directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. As well as writing and directing FOUR HANDS, Oliver Kienle is also the head author on the riveting TV series BAD BANKS, currently airing.