The Three !!! (Die Drei !!!)

The Three !!! (Die Drei !!!)
350098801 Trailer
Family Entertainment - 2019 - Germany

First love, parental stress and a real tricky criminal case: the three girlfriends always stick together and tackle every challenge with courage, cleverness and crime-solving smarts.

They're brave, daring and the best of BFFs. Three clever, young women detectives fearless in the face of danger with no case they can't crack. But boys, though, sometimes they remain a mystery...

Director: Viviane Andereggen
Dop: Philip Peschlow
Screenplay: Doris Laske, Sina Flammang
Cast: Lilli Lacher, Alexandra Petzschmann, Paula Renzler, Jürgen Vogel, Thomas Heinze
Music: Riad Abdel-Nabi
Technical Details: 94 min.
Production Company: Rat Pack Filmproduction
Co Production: Constantin Filmproduction
Producer: Christian Becker
Co Producer: Martin Moszkowicz
ARRI Media Services: International Sales
German Distributor: Constantin Film Verleih