179732233 PARADISE Trailer

Andrei Konchalovsky’s film PARADISE, which was supported by ARRI Rental and ARRI Media, wins multiple awards at the Venice International Film Festival and has been selected as Russian submission for the 2017 Academy Awards.

A Silver Lion for Best Director, a Soundtrack Stars Award for sound design, a Premio Bisato Award for Julia Vysotskaja’s outstanding performance, a UNICEF Award and a Padre Nazareno Taddei Award: At the 73rd Venice International Film Festival in September 2016, director Andrei Konchalovsky had no reason to worry about the reception of his new film PARADISE. The black-and-white WWII drama, framed in the now rare 4:3 aspect ratio, has even been selected as the Russian submission in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 2017 Academy Awards.



ARRI is thrilled with the chorus of praise for PARADISE, as the ARRI Group was involved in this Russian-German co-production in several ways. Angela Reedwisch, Key Account Manager at ARRI Media, explains: “The German co-producer Florian Deyle, Managing Director of DRIFE, commissioned us with the entire picture and sound postproduction.” In addition, PARADISE was filmed partially with an ALEXA Mini supplied by ARRI Rental, and the ARRI Webgate cloud service was used for daily file transfers from the set.

As an international distribution partner responsible for sales of the movie across varied distribution channels and markets, ARRI Media got on board the PARADISE project at a very early stage. “Angela Reedwisch gave us the script,” recalls Moritz Hemminger, Director of Sales and Acquisitions at ARRI Media. “Besides the exciting documentary-style visual approach, the extraordinary dramaturgy convinced us. In combination with the fact that Konchalovsky is a renowned director, we were instantly sure about the international marketing potential.”

“Since the beginning, interest from our international customers in this movie has been very high,” continues Hemminger. “Following the flood of awards in Venice, a number of seriously interested parties have come forward.” He cites PARADISE as “the perfect example of cooperation within the ARRI group.”

After the screening of PARADISE in Venice, co-producer Florian Dreyle thanked the ARRI team for its “great commitment and passion.” Cinematographer Aleksander Simonov described his work with ARRI Media Senior Colorist Florian ‘Utsi’ Martin as a “gift from on high,” illustrating the creative as well as commercial success of the overall collaboration.


Picture © Svetlana Malikova - Konchalovsky Studios/DRIFE