Show your Colors - Our Color Grading on Baselight or Resolve

We strive for the perfect look. Our "color stylists" will gladly advise you on how your image can shine, and take care that your images are not only color corrected, but also color improved.

Don't Worry. We‘re on Top of It - Offline Editing

Even if you’re feeling a time crunch, don’t worry; we’ll make it happen. Our editing rooms are ready 24/7 to ensure you’ll make great editing choices - on time. Our support team provides technical support, data transfers, digitizing, sound synching - all available around the clock.

Anything is Possible - Visual Effects & 3D Animation

Using Flame 2015 gives us the fire to complete complex visual effects with fantastic quality and on time. And the initial spark can be lit early on. Starting with an early consultation, right on through to full on-set support and post, you will be utterly supported by a special team.

Designs that Move an Audience - Our Design Studio

Here we create new motion picture image elements, including on-air designs, trade show visuals and complete spots. We set the wheels in motion to develop and create for you unique looks, surprising animatics, great layouts and stunning font animation.

Move into a new World - 3D

When you wish to create 3D animated worlds, the artists network at ARRI VFX can take care of all your needs. At 150 square meters, the bright, modern animation loft is spacious and open. Additionally, the artist pool itself is quite diverse, covering a wide range of creative areas, such as modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, character animation and fluid dynamics.