Digital Cinema Distribution

Our services regarding DCP and KDM distribution are comprised not only of the distribution portal "Fusion Network", but also the ARRI DC Copystation system. We use a powerful in-house developed software system to manage DCP duplication (of up to 1000 DCP drives per day), to store projects in our European cinema database (TDL) and to manage DCP and KDM orders. We also offer e-delivery solutions for electronic delivery to cinemas with data transfers.
So that we are able to offer an even more efficient workflow to our customers, interfaces have been created in order to utilize other booking systems as well. This makes it possible to place your DCP and KDM orders directly through the ARRI system.

ARRI Fusion Network

The Digital Cinema Distribution Portal "Fusion Network" includes, in addition to DCP and KDM order management, extensive DCP and KDM tracking features for cinema operators and projectionists, as well as a comprehensive catalog of DCP trailers.
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KDM Management

Our KDM Management platform offers high performance and flexible solutions. Through the use of a redundant architecture and two Cinecert Waimea KDM servers, it provides the highest levels of security and functionality.

DCP Quality Control (QC)

ARRI offers comprehensive quality control of your DCPs according to the DCI specifications, as well as screenings in the ARRI movie theater for any DCP format (2D, 3D, HFR, HDR, Atmos). Quality control is performed by industry standard systems of Cinecert Lihue and DVS Clipster.