Welcome to the ARRI Media Sound Department

Since the ARRI Media Sound Department is the leading house for all dubbing and mixing needs in Germany, it is no surprise that our studio has received the greatest number of film awards in sound design. Our talented, creative and experienced sound designers and mixers can help you realize the potential of your production at the highest professional standard.
Sound is not the achievement of a single person but a symbiotic collaboration between client and sound studio. We aspire to bring you a congenial, harmonious post-production sound experience, one that will help you fully bring to life even the most ambitious visions of the film team. We can create a seamless workflow, which translates into an excellent production value for you. These are, to be sure, your decisions to make... where the sound journey goes and what our part will be in the process.
We offer the entire gamut of support including consulting, planning and production of sound recording, sound editing and sound mixing for film, TV, VOD, webisodes or whatever else you might be working on. The ARRI Sound Studios, in both Munich and Berlin, with their state of the art installations for recording, editing and mixing, enable us to bring your complex visions and ideas to fruition – and it’ll be done on schedule, too.