Welcome to ARRI Productions by ARRI Media

Established in 2014 as part of the ARRI Group, our film production department focuses on the co-production of domestic and international films, as well as on the development of our own film projects.
To date, the ARRI Group has successfully co-produced more than 50 films. Among them ARRI boasts many internationally acclaimed films like STALINGRAD by Joseph Vilsmaier, TATTOO by Robert Schwentke, THE WAVE by Dennis Gansel, EXIT MARRAKECH by Caroline Link and THE LITTLE GHOST by Alain Gsponer.

At ARRI Productions it is important to strengthen the creative collaboration between producers, directors and screenwriters and in doing so, to build a network of creative talent.
ARRI Productions works closely with all other parts of the ARRI Group. Here, we try to utilize
all possible opportunities for cooperation with ARRI international sales, the ARRI rental service for camera, lighting and grip equipment, as well as our studios and services for post-production of light, music, VFX and digital distribution.