Beck´s last Summer (Becks letzter Sommer)

Beck´s last Summer (Becks letzter Sommer)
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Comedy, Drama - 2015 - Germany

17-year old Rauli is the outsider in his school until his music teacher Robert Beck discovers his outstanding musical talent: he plays the guitar and is a gifted singer. Beck is willing to manage and promote Rauli. But he follows his own hidden agenda: once a promising young musician himself, he is trying to make his comeback into music business. But also Rauli has his little secrets.

There is the young waitress Lena, trying to find a balance between her tender feelings for Beck and making her own living. Rauli‘s mysterious family background. Anna Lind – the incarnation of the erotic teenage queen for every teacher and pupil. And Beck‘s only friend Charlie – the gigantic African-German philosopher. All of them are on a journey to their inner selves – and they all will arrive – but not always as expected.

Director: Frieder Wittich
Dop: Christian Rein
Screenplay: Oliver Ziegenbalg, Frieder Wittich
Cast: Christian Ulmen, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Eugene Boateng, Friederike Becht, Fabian Hinrichs
Music: Tobias Jundt aka Bonaparte
Technical Details: 2,39:1 / Colour / 95 min
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English
Production Company: Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion GmbH
Producer: Uli Putz, Jakob Claussen
Co Producer: Ulf Israel, Josef Reidinger, Antonio Exacoustos, Franz Kraus
ARRI Media Services: International Sales, Editing, Grading, VFX, Title Design, Digital Distribution, Media Asset Management
Festivals Filmfest Munich 2015, Zurich Film Festival 2015, Cleveland International Film Festival 2016, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival 2016