Mr. Moll & the Chocolate Factory (Papa Moll)

Mr. Moll & the Chocolate Factory (Papa Moll)
240180041 Trailer
Family Entertainment - 2017 - Switzerland

The one weekend when Mr. Moll is home alone with the kids, absolute chaos breaks loose. While working overtime in the chocolate factory Mr. Moll´s kids get into a fight with the neighbour´s kids – a fight surrounding sweets, homework and the most famous Circus Dog.

Director: Manuel Flurin Hendry
Dop: Felix Novo de Oliveira
Screenplay: Matthias Pacht, Manuel Flurin Hendry, Jann Preuss
Cast: Stefan Kurt, Isabella Schmid, Maxwell Mare, Yven Hess, Luna Paiano
Technical Details: 90 min.
Original Language: Swiss-German - ENGLISH DUB AVAILABLE
Production Company: Zodiac Pictures Ltd, MMC Zodiac GmbH
Producer: Lukas Hobi, Reto Schaerli
ARRI Media Services: International Sales
International Distributor: ARRI Media International
Awards: Warsaw Film Festival 2018/Family Cinema Weekend - Audience Award
Festivals 11èmes Journées de Cinéma Suisse à Montpellier 2018 • • Zlín Film Festival 2018 • • Goldener Spatz - Deutsches Kindermedienfestival 2018 • • Warsaw Film Festival 2018 • • Children´s Film Festival Seattle 2019