Queen of Cherries (Die Kirschkönigin)

Queen of Cherries (Die Kirschkönigin)
Drama, History, TV Series - 2004 - Germany

It's the year 1914 in Berlin. Ruth Goldfish is the daughter of the Jewish owner of a small but very special private bank. Ruth has a dream: she wants to become a farmer, grow her own vegetables, eat her own tomatoes. So she marries the handsome but bankrupt son of a noble family, and moves to the countryside. At first, the rundown manor is a disappointment to her, but with enthusiasm and strength, she starts rebuilding the house and refines the ordinary cherries, that grow in large plantations, into Morello cherries - the best in Germany.

In 1919, her husband dies in an accident and leaves her alone with the house, the land, and a newborn child, Elisabeth. Ruth works hard to get over her loss and makes a fortune. During many summers, her sister Kaethe comes to visit with a group of German artists, most of which are later defamed as degenerates. Ruth spends her time educating her daughter, working hard and buying grand pianos as investments for a rainy day. The years go by. Ruth has built her own world. She has a good relationship with the villagers, most of them depend on her financially anyway, and so she survives the Third Reich hidden on her own land. It is her dream that saves her life.

Director: Rainer Kaufmann
Dop: Klaus Eichhammer
Screenplay: Justus Pfaue
Cast: Johanna Wokalek, Heike Warmuth, Johannes Zirner, Adele Neuhauser
Music: Annette Focks
Technical Details: 16mm, Color, 264 minutes, Stereo
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English
Producer: Susanne Freyer
ARRI Media Services: International Sales
Awards: Kurier Romy 2005 (Best Author: Justus Pfaue), Bavarian Film Award "Blue Panther"2005 (Best Director: Rainer Kaufmann)
Festivals Munich FF 2004, Monte Carlo TV FF 2005