Four Enchanted Sisters (Vier zauberhafe Schwestern)

Four Enchanted Sisters (Vier zauberhafe Schwestern)
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Family Entertainment, 2019

Four sisters with magical powers, but only together they are strong enough to fight against Glenda, mistress of the black arts, who tries to separate the sisters and wants to take over control over their home, Cantrip Towers, and it’s magical fountain.


4 sisters – 4 elements – 4 magic powers. The girls Flame, Marina and Flora each received a magical power on their 9th birthday. Now it is the turn of Sky – the youngest in the family. She receives the ability to command the element air. With her, the magical circle is complete and the powers of the young witches grow. That does not go unnoticed in the world of magic and even the dark part of the family tree senses the difference: Aunt Glenda. She tries to separate the girls with all means, to gain access to their home and make the magic source of their powers, a pixiedust fountain hidden in the cellar, her own! FOUR ENCHANTED SISTERS is based on the succesful children’s book series „Sprite Sisters“ by Sheridan Winn.



Director: Sven Unterwaldt
Dop: Marcus Kanter bvk/aac
Screenplay: Hortense Ullrich
Cast: Katja Riemann, Justus von Dohnányi, Laila Marie Noelle Padotzke, Anna Thalbach, Hedda Erlebach, Lilith Julie Johna, Leonore von Berg
Music: Anne-Kathrin Dern
Technical Details: 97 Min., 1:2,39
Original Language: German
Subtitle Dubbed: English subtitled, English dubbed
Production Company: blue eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG
Co Production: DOR Film Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Buena Vista International Film Production (Germany) GmbH, Filmvergnuegen GmbH, Potemkino bvba, Pixomondo Studios GmbH & Co. KG, Story House Productions GmbH
Producer: Corinna Mehner
Co Producer: Danny Krausz / Peter Trenkwalder / Peter De Maegd / Tom Hameeuw / Andreas Gutzeit / Roger Crotti / Maike Haas / Thilo Kuther / Sabrina Christoforidis
ARRI Media Services: International Sales